Omaha Hi Lo in 2023 – TOP 5 Places to Play PLO8 Right Now

omaha hi lo - plo8 online

Omaha Hi Lo ( PLO8 ) is a classic poker format, in which the board is split in 2 halves. Each can be won separately by either of the players participating in the hand.

One half of the pot is won by the highest hand and the other half by the lowest possible hand. All that is well known to all Omaha Hi Lo grinders, just as they are aware, that most of the time , pots are split.

Which to newcomers might not sound all that bad, but veterans are not ecstatic when that happens, because in this scenario players just pay rake and earn nothing.

To minimize these situations, all PLO8 regs should strive to play against lesser skilled competition. Today we will not only provide you with online poker rooms, where players are quite bad, but some of them even join the tables without realizing they are playing Omaha Hi Lo and not regular PLO, until its too late.

Here are the best places to play Omaha Hi Lo online :

PokerBROS Diamond Union

pokerbros omaha hi lo

The most popular online poker club in the world. PokerBROS Diamond Union has a ton of active tables 24/7. Lesser known poker formats such as Fixed Limit Holdem, OFC, Mixed Games , Short Deck and of course – Omaha Hi Lo, are all present to everyone.

Most of the players come from United States. This is probably the room, which has best traffic to soft games ratio. Plenty of hobby players will join PLO8 tables, thinking its PLO6 . Most Omaha Hi Lo games are 6 carded, but you can also find 5 and even 4 carded variants. Stakes are mainly low to mid.

If you are not already playing on Pokerbros – feel free to familiarize yourself with the platform. It is one of the most modern ways to experience online poker.

Suprema Poker App

suprema poker omaha hi lo

Suprema is Brazilian club based poker app, which mainly focuses on Heads Up games and PLO5. It has plenty of NLH, PLO4 and PLO6 as well.

Of course, Omaha Hi Lo is among the games available, but do not expect huge traffic, as the more popular poker formats. The good news is, the players here are completely terrible on this game. South Americans are hot tempered individuals and often do not have the patience to wait for suitable hand.

If there is a decent chance for them just to win one of the 2 pots, they are happy to put all their chips in the middle. It’s almost like they play handicapped. The Omaha Hi Lo games are happening mostly 5 carded ( ” Big O “), but the 4 and 6 carded versions are present as well.

ClubGG Israel Kingdom Union

ClubGG Hi Lo

Players from Israel are well known for their affinity towards PLO, but Omaha Hi Lo is their distant acquaintance. Bear in mind the games here are 6 carded so prepare for lots of variance.

On the plus side there is plenty of Heads Up, on top of the regular ring games. This means you can bumhunt amateurs easily. ClubGG is home to plenty of private clubs, which run PLO8 on occasion, so feel free to monitor all the suitable clubs, which offer your favorite game type.

From time to time, Omaha Hi Lo tables pop up in the rest of the ClubGG Unions, but this is happening too far and between to consider them a solid spot to grind. It’s more like a window of opportunity.

Major PokerBROS Unions

pokerbros plo8

All the Pokerbros unions can be found in this list, but in addition to the largest one – Diamond Union, the next TOP 3 in size – Panamericana, RGS and Paradise also offer 6 carded Hi Lo games.

If the poker app world is new to you and wish to focus just on one platform, we highly recommend you to choose Pokerbros, as it can offer 4 different rooms, in which you can play Omaha Hi Lo. With The Poker Agent assistance, you can quickly transition chips between all Pokerbros unions and never miss a good game.


kingsclubpoker plo8

KingsClubPKR is browser based online poker rooms, where private games are happening between lesser skilled players, who just want to have some fun.

The interesting thing about this poker site, is that it focuses solely on non-traditional types of poker , such as – Omaha Hi Lo, Stud, OFC, Mixed Games, Lowball and other unconventional formats.

Player base is small and this adds up to the feeling of playing exclusive home games online.

Omaha Hi Lo in 2023 and Beyond

It is hard to always nail down the best online poker rooms to spend your time in. The things change very dynamically and if you read this article in 2024, it might be slightly outdated already.

The thing you can do to prevent that, is contact us on Telegram and we will always provide you with the very best games for your tastes, skill level and other preferences. The Poker Agent focuses on finding all the good poker games online and everyone can receive daily updates in our Telegram Channel.

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